Establishment of Overseas & Domestic Family Trust
Citizenship Planning
Global Asset Allocation
Tax Optimization and Compliance
Overseas Listing and M&A
Charity Planning

According to 2019 Chinese Private Wealth Report by Bain & Company and CMB, nearly 50% of HNWIs regard wealth protection & inheritance and long-term accumulation as their primary concern. Arrangement of wealth inheritance has entered a popularization and deepening stage, and family trusts are widely favored.

Praised as ‘pearl on the crown’ of family inheritance, family trust gets much support in China and is chosen by more and more domestic families.

For the purpose of wealth management, inheritance and protection, family trust realizes comprehensive management of family assets through asset allocation and portfolio investment in different jurisdictions, effectively achieving asset layout, inheritance planning, risk isolation, tax planning, and children's education, family governance and charity planning and other demands.

Ming•Family Office has gathered experts in trust, law, taxation and asset allocation from home and abroad to tailor establishment plans of family trusts for HNW families.

Establishment of overseas & domestic family trust

Establishment of overseas family trust
(Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, Singapore, Jersey Island, Guernsey, America, Bermuda and Cyprus)
Establishment of domestic family trust
(Hong Kong and mainland of China)

Citizenship planning and international tax planning are crucial components of family wealth, education and overseas development planning. HNW families should select proper immigration programs to match their needs of overseas business, asset allocation and children’s education.

Citizenship Planning

Citizenship designPassport policy counsellingGlobal tax resident status counselling

Global assets allocation under Ming Family Office is offered by Ming Asset Management (Switzerland) AG.

Ming Asset Management (Switzerland) AG, formed by Swiss bankers and dually regulated by FINMA and PolyReg,follows Swiss tradition of stable wealth management and provides reliable wealth management and inheritanceservice for HNW families around the world.

Global asset allocation:

Private Bank Account Opening in Switzerland and LiechtensteinPortfolioFund Portfolio (FOF)Global Capital MarketSurvey & Market AnalysisCorporate SolutionFamily Wealth Planning

With the promotion and deepening of CRS and GTS Phase III, more and more Chinese enterprises and HNW families are aware of the importance of early tax planning.

The Blue Book of China’s Economy 2017 by CASS called for implementation of real estate tax and inheritance tax as soon as possible, and active promotion of personal income tax reform. Nowadays, personal income tax reform has been implemented, and realization of real estate tax and inheritance tax won’t be too long.

Today, most of the HNWIs still do not systematically investigate and deal with various issues and tax-related risks during the accumulation of wealth. Without proper security protection, no matter how much wealth you have, it may disappear overnight.

Each stage of wealth management and inheritance is closely linked to tax. Ming•Family Office gathers domestic and foreign talents such as elite tax experts, auditors, accountants, business model research teams, and teams up with professional teams in family trust, citizenship planning, listing, investment to provide one-stop tax service throughout each stage of asset flow, helping you investigate tax risks and achieve tax compliance, and ensuring comprehensive protection and good operation of your family.

Tax Optimization and Compliance

Safety and compliance of individual tax
Optimization and compliance of corporate tax Tax risk investigation
Upgrading of trading structureRebuilding of business model
Optimization of shareholding structure

Capital market is just as important as performance growth when it comes to enterprise development. The key to enterprise planning lies in how to enter the capital market, and how to enhance competiveness via market value management, investment, merger and acquisition, etc.

Since it is increasingly difficult to get listed in China, multi-level capital markets abroad may have been a good choice for enterprises to achieve fast listing and rational asset allocation. To help your family realize wealth growth as well as asset securitization and globalization, Ming•Family Office gathers a group of professionals to provide services including overseas listing planning, market value management and asset M&A after listing.

Overseas Listing and M&A

Pre-IPO counsellingPre-IPO equity financing
Overseas listing planningShareholding reform
Optimization of business modelPrivate placement and M&A
Red-chip setupMarket value management

HNW families worldwide are all passionate about charity planning. Charity is not just for gaining recognition of the public and achieving self-worth, but also for maintaining family value and enhancing family cohesion, influence and risk-resisting capabilities. Charity of the elder generation can help to cultivate compassionate and responsible offspring with correct values, and therefore perfects internal governance of the families to some extent.

Ming•Family Office specializes in personalized charity planning via various foundations, charity trusts and investments with social impact to achieve charity goals of HNW families.

Charity Planning

Charity trustCharity foundationSpecial charity project