Family Trust Set Up
Citizenship Planning
Global Asset Allocation
Tax Optimization and Compliance
Overseas Listing and M&A
Advanced Medical Service

Family trusts are often heralded as the 'crown jewel' of family inheritance. Designed for wealth management, inheritance, and protection, family trusts enable comprehensive management of family assets through strategic asset allocation and portfolio investments across various jurisdictions. These trusts effectively address needs such as asset allocation, inheritance planning, risk isolation, tax planning, children's education, family governance, and charitable planning.

Ming·Family Office has collaborated closely with numerous century-old trust groups from around the world. From a neutral and objective standpoint, we meticulously tailor the most suitable overseas family trust inheritance plans for high-net-worth families.

Establishment of overseas & domestic family trust

Establishment of overseas family trust
(Liechtenstein, Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, Singapore, Jersey Island, Guernsey, America, Bermuda and Cyprus)
Establishment of domestic family trust
(Hong Kong and mainland of China)

In the context of increasing global information transparency, the tax residence status of family members has emerged as a cornerstone for all offshore structures, including overseas trusts.

Ming·Family Office carefully coordinates suitable overseas identities for each family member, while effectively planning their tax residence status to genuinely address their needs for overseas expansion, tax compliance, asset relocation, and inheritance. Drawing on years of experience in this domain, we have successfully supported numerous families in fulfilling these crucial objectives.

Citizenship Planning

Citizenship design
Passport policy counselling
Global tax resident status counselling

Ming·Family Office's global asset allocation service is delivered by Ming Asset Management (Switzerland) AG, a team of seasoned Swiss bankers based in Zurich, a renowned world financial center. Regulated by FINMA, one of the most stringent supervisory and management authorities worldwide, Ming Asset Management adheres to the Swiss tradition of stable wealth management. As such, we provide reliable wealth management and inheritance services for high-net-worth families across the globe.

Global Asset Allocation Consulting

Private bank account opening in Switzerland and Liechtenstein
Fund portfolio (FOF)
Global capital market
Survey & market analysis
Corporate solutions

In light of the global implementation of CRS, the G7's approval of the global tax reform plan, and the steady progress of China's Golden Tax System Phase IV, tax optimization and compliance have become increasingly crucial components in the family wealth inheritance process.

Ming·Family Office assembles top talent from both domestic and international sources, including elite tax experts, auditors, accountants, and business model research teams. We offer comprehensive, one-stop tax-related services at every stage of asset flow, assisting clients in achieving tax compliance while ensuring all-encompassing protection and smooth operations for their families.

Tax Optimization and Compliance

CompSecure and liance of personal tax
Optimization and compliance of corporate tax
Tax risk investigation
Upgrading of transaction structure
Rebuilding of business model
Optimization of shareholding structure

Many families have come to recognize that the overseas multi-level capital market serves as a powerful tool for businesses to achieve rapid listing and sensible asset allocation.

Ming·Family Office's overseas capital market operation team has accumulated a wealth of successful cases involving standardized listing paths. We provide family enterprises with professional services, including overseas listing planning, market capitalization management, and post-listing asset M&A, to help clients' families and businesses achieve growth in wealth, as well as asset securitization and globalization.

Overseas Listing and M&A

Overseas structure building
Business model optimization
Shareholding reform
Tailored listing planning
Pre-IPO counseling
Pre-IPO private placement
Private placement and M&A
Market capitalization management

Ming·Family Office's extensive overseas advanced medical service network encompasses numerous developed countries, including the UK, the USA, Japan, and Switzerland. Leveraging the world's top medical resources, our clients benefit from cutting-edge treatment technologies, elite medical teams, more effective treatment drugs, and a compassionate treatment environment.

Overseas Advanced Medical Service

Basic medical consultation
Case compilation and translation
Medical visa processing
Expedited access to medical treatment
Swift matching and appointment scheduling with top-tier doctors from the world's best hospitals
Escort and translation services throughout the entire medical process